Pauline Bonnet, Marianne Castelly, Laurent Eisler, Christiane Filliatreau, Damien Fragnon, Andrea Moreno

February 8 – April 6, 2024


Deceptive appearances, shapes that mutate, surfaces that flow, unsuspected uses, painting that becomes sculpture…

The works on view in the exhibition Metamorphosis correspond in every way to the definition of the word given by the Larousse dictionary: ” a complete change in someone’s character and condition, or in the appearance or form of something”.

Through the works grouped here, changes in appearance, movement and slippage of forms, modifications of use, false evidence and real ambiguities are explored.

For beyond the more or less visible or perceptible upheavals, what metamorphosis celebrates here is an instability conducive to questioning the natural order of things… and the infinite potential of the earth.