Enzo Bosse

February 09 – March 17, 2023

Nendo Galerie is pleased to present Dissolutions, the first solo exhibition of Enzo Bosse (born 1997 in Grenoble, lives in Dieulefit (Drôme)).

Hollowed out, bloated, deformed… the objects – vases, cups, bottles and other containers – have melted and are seen inert while adopting strange postures.

It is the paradox of this new body of work to stick to utilitarian forms… which have only the name. Subjected to a very high temperature firing, some pieces have become sagged, but all of them also, and above all, show the disappearance of a large part of their envelope; an erasure of the skin that makes them inoperative.

This dissolution of the form as much as of the use places these works in an ambiguous in-between, between sculpture and domestic works, which induces a return to the frame, to the skeleton. Dried up in this way, only carried by an intrinsic grid, they invite to question the formal stereotypes at the same time as they blur their own status: once evacuated the value of use, are we confronted with documents, objects of collection, traces…? What about their symbolic charge and the elements of language which remain attached to them…?

© Jean-Christophe Lett