Decadence of the Rockery Maker

June 30 – August 13, 2022


Raphaël Emine

The very nature of Raphaël Emine’s recent work renders the analogy of the rockery tempting; since from the Renaissance, this delicious sweet has been seen swarming in tasteful gardens, )…)


Volcanesque. Eruptive Ceramics

April 23 – June 19, 2022


Pep Gomez, Machiko Hagiwara, Claire Lindner, Simon Manoha,  Benoît Pouplard (…)

Glazes appearing to be in fusion, lava effects, irregularity of surfaces at times animated from the crevices mimicking a possible topography, assumed drippings and occasionally fatty (…)


Art-o-rama, Marseille

August 27 – September 12, 2021


Julia Borderie & Éloïse Le Gallo

Koud, 2019

Starting from their meetings with a researcher in hydraulic heritage and several inhabitants of the Agafay Desert region, in Morocco, who in a film draw schematic plans (…)